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I have always been drawn to the vibrant and lively since my early days. Now, I approach each new day with one mantra: live bold, brilliant and brave at every turn. 

For me, that looks like showing up with courage every day in my professional career, bringing bold living to my home and encouraging my two daughters to bring their brightest and most brilliant selves to every new day.

By day, I am a highly accomplished leader responsible for the strategy, design, development, delivery and deployment of global workplace and marketplace technology solutions. I am known for establishing and maintaining relationships with internal and external business partners and vendors to execute key strategic priorities.

Outside of my career, some know me as the life of the party where I show up with my authentic personality and aim to bring energy and excitement into each room I am in.

About  Me

My drink of choice: the bubblier, the better. You'll find me enjoying a nice glass of champagne on my personal time.

Prosecco Fan

I can't resist an exciting weekend full of activity and time with friends. I still enjoy the opportunity of the week but I am a sucker for an exciting Saturday!

lover of the weekend

From a young age, I knew technology was my passion. I've been lucky enough to make it my full time ambition and now lead digital strategy for global companies.


If you catch me around town or at the office, you are sure to catch me showing up bold and in full vibrant color.

Obsessed with color

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